California Environmental Reporting System: Business

CERS Business Portal User Agreement

Please review the following conditions of use for the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

  • I agree I will not allow others to use my CERS Account and understand my Account could be suspended if I allow others to use it. I will protect my password and never share it with others, and if my account is compromised, I will contact CERS Technical
  • I will only upload documents as required by CERS or my local regulator(s). Any document I upload will be as compact as possible, will not exceed 25MB is size, will be free from viruses or other malicious elements, and meet other requirements specified in the CERS Document Upload Policy.
  • I understand I should NOT use my web browser's "Back" button while using CERS--doing so may result in duplicate records or other problems.
  • I understand that CERS is designed for standard-sized screens using relatively current web browsing software: Internet Explorer 8+ (without Compatibility Mode), FireFox 3.6+, current versions of Google Chrome or Safari 5+). I understand my browser must have Javascript enabled, and that some CERS features may not work on older browsers, and CERS is not designed to be effectively used on smaller display devices (e.g., mobile phones, etc.).
  • I understand viewing and printing some CERS reports requires relatively current PDF viewing software (Adobe Reader 8+).
  • I understand CERS is generally available during days or evenings except as described here.